One Missed Thing Was The Key To The Setup
06 June 2023

I failed to notice one thing.

This Price Action Is Beautiful
17 May 2023

2022 Mentorship Sell Model after massive bullish rally.

Model Engagement Time Yields Results
10 May 2023

Monster trade!

Good Exits, Great Results
08 May 2023

It feels amazing exiting your trade at the correct location.

2022 Mentorship Model + Turtle Soup
14 April 2023

Trading both setup simultaneously and two assets.

30-Second 2022 Mentorship Model Example
11 April 2023

Sometimes the only setup is on the second charts.

I Waited All Day For This
06 April 2023

I stalked a 4-Hour 2022 Mentorship Model Setup.

Afternoon 2022 Mentorship Sell Model
21 March 2023

A 2022 Mentorship Sell Model lead into a 2022 Mentorship Buy Model.

2022 Mentorship Model in 9:50 Macro
16 March 2023

There is a lot going on in this chart!

NWOG and 2022 Mentorship Model Trade
08 March 2023

Price reversed at NWOG.

Grading ICT 2022 Mentorship Model
06 March 2023

Using SMT to pick between Correlated Assets.

Relative Strength In Action
14 February 2023

Use Relative Strength to fine-tune your profit target.

SMT Helps You Anticipate Price Reversals
10 February 2023

SMT are like elastic bands.

Correlated Assets: Compare 2022 Models Between Symbols
08 February 2023

Trading cannot be accomplished in isolation.