Afternoon 2022 Mentorship Sell Model

A 2022 Mentorship Sell Model lead into a 2022 Mentorship Buy Model.

Tuesday, March 21, 2023

After 1pm EST ES took Buyside Liquidity from before lunch while YM failed to make a new high and NQ was in it’s 1-Hour wick

Since the FVG was not very wide I put my Limit Sell order on the lower edge of the FVG. This meant as soon as price entered the FVG I was tripped in short.

This was actually a very good thing because price only went 1 tick inside the FVG.

I entered short with 5 MES contracts.

At 1:50 pm EST (is there a macro at 1:50?) price started spooling downward. At 1:57pm EST ES produced a very large down-closed candle. Since price was already below Equilibrium of the Impulse Price Swing up I decided to buy back my last contract.

5 MES Contracts

5 MES Contracts

So apparently the Terminus of my ES afternoon short was the Inception of a much bigger afternoon long. LOL

ICT 2022 Mentorship Buy Model

ICT 2022 Mentorship Buy Model

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