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2022 Mentorship Model (2022 Model)

Definition: Coming Soon

Anatomy of a FVG

Definition: Coming Soon


Definition: Coming Soon


Definition: Coming Soon

Consequent Encroachment

Definition: Coming Soon

Correlated Asset

Definition: Coming Soon


Definition: The lower 50% of an Impulse Price Swing (or the range between a Swing Low and a Swing High)

Draw On Liquidity (DOL)

Definition: Coming Soon


Definition: Displacement is characterized by sudden and drastic candle movement that is much greater and farther than the surrounding candles. Displacement is a sudden one-direction price movement.

Event Horizon

Definition: Coming Soon


Definition: Equilibrium is the midway point between a swing high and a swing low. Also known as the Fair Market Value because it represents a fair price between the swing high and swing low

Fair Valuation

Definition: Depending on the perspective, Fair Valuation is the equal distance between a swing high and swing low (Equilibrium) OR the point of view of the Market Makers

Fair Value Gap (FVG)

Definition: A FVG is a type of price inefficiency, which means price was not evening distributed in that area. Specifically, a FVG is a three-candle pattern where the first and third candles do not overlap leaving a single-candle gap.

Fair Value Gap, Implied (Implied FVG)

Definition: Coming Soon

Fibonacci Projections, Standard Deviation

Definition: Coming Soon

High Impact News

Definition: Coming Soon

Impulse Price Swing

Definition: Coming Soon


Definition: Coming Soon


Definition: Coming Soon

Interbank Price Delivery Algorithm

Definition: The overarching name of the algorithms that control the price of Futures Markets. Every candle of the Futures Indices are predetermined and controlled by algorithms. Support, Resistance, Buying Pressure, & Selling Pressure are myths propagated by Smart Money to fool Retail Traders into thinking they control the Markets

Intermediate Term High (ITL)

Definition: Coming Soon

Intermediate Term Low (ITL)

Definition: Coming Soon

Last Quarter Model

Definition: Coming Soon


Definition: Liquidity is the degree to which a market (or asset) can be quickly bought or sold in the market without affecting the assets price

Liquidity Pools

Definition: A collection of Buy Stops or Sell Stops accumulating above or below old swing points

Liquidity, Buyside

Definition: Buyside Liquidity is the unseen collection of Buy Stops above a previous Swing High

Liquidity, Sellside

Definition: Sellside Liquidity refers to the pool of available liquidity resting below an old Swing Low in the form of Sell Stops

Liquidity, External Range Liquidity

Definition: External Range Liquidity Pools visible at the top and bottom of a chart are easily identified as External Range Liquidity

Liquidity, Internal Range Liquidity

Definition: Any other Liquidity Pools within the range of the External Range Liquidity Pools are the Internal Range Liquidity

Liquidity, High Resistance Liquidity Run

Definition: High Resistance Liquidity Run (HRLR) is when candles are bunched together making slow higher highs or lower lows (no quick price movements)

Liquidity, Low Resistance Liquidity Run

Definition: Low-Resistance Liquidity Run (LRLR) is when price runs for an old high or old low very quickly with a sharp angle with very little retracement

Long Term High (LTL)

Definition: Coming Soon

Long Term Low (LTL)

Definition: Coming Soon


Definition: Coming Soon

Market Maker Buy Model (MMBM)

Definition: Coming Soon

Market Maker Sell Model (MMSM)

Definition: Coming Soon

Market Range

Definition: Market Range is the largest range in price between any swing high and swing low on a chart

Market Makers

Definition: Are the entities that control price

Market Structure Shift (MSS)

Definition: A swing high/low that forms in the opposite direction when price takes out a Liquidity Pool. For example, a positive/bullish MSS is a swing high that forms around the area when price trades below a Sellside Liquidity Pool. A negative/bearish MSS is a swing low that forms around the price action when price trades above a Buyside Liquidity Pool. A swing high/low is only a Market Structure Shift when candles form horizontally to the swing high/low that creates a FVG and are characterized by Displacement.

Mean Threshold

Definition: Coming Soon

Midnight Open

Definition: Coming Soon


Definition: Coming Soon

New Day Opening Gap (NDOG)

Definition: Coming Soon

New Week Opening Gap (NWOG)

Definition: Coming Soon

Opening Range Gap (ORG)

Definition: Coming Soon

Optimal Trade Entry (OTE)

Definition: The OTE levels are the range 0.62 to 0.79 on the Fibonacci Drawing tool (or 62% to 79%). The midway points of the OTE range is 0.705 or 70.5%


Definition: Coming Soon


Definition: The price action of any controlled Market always falls into one of four phases: Consolidation, Expansion, Retracement, Reversal


Definition: The upper 50% of an Impulse Price Swing (or the range between a Swing Low and a Swing High)

Power 3

Definition: Accumulation, Manipulation, and Distribution .... more Coming Soon

Profiles, Weekly

Definition: Coming Soon

Profiles, Daily

Definition: Coming Soon

Purge & Revert

Definition: Coming Soon

Short Term High (STL)

Definition: Coming Soon

Short Term Low (STL)

Definition: Coming Soon

Silver Bullet Model

Definition: Every single trading day between the hours of 10am & 11am EST and 2pm & 3pm EST at least one Fair Value Gap (FVG) will form on the 1-min, 30-sec, or 15-sec chart after price has traded back into a higher timeframe Fair Value Gap (FVG) as price goes toward an obvious pool of Liquidity

Smart Money Technique (SMT)

Definition: Coming Soon

Swing High

Definition: Four candles on any timeframe where the 2nd candle is higher than the first, the 3rd candle has a lower high than the second candle, and the 4th candle has a lower high and a lower low than the third candle

Swing Low

Definition: Four candles on any timeframe tha the 2nd candle has a lower low than the first candle, the 3rd candle has a higher low than the second candle, and the 4th candle has a higher low and higher high than the third candle


Definition: Coming Soon

Turtle Soup

Definition: Turtle Soup is a false breakout of a Liquidity Pool. Price crosses the Liquidity Pool level and then quickly reverses back the other direction.

Volume Imbalance

Definition: Coming Soon

Unicorn Model

Definition: Coming Soon

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