This Price Action Is Beautiful

2022 Mentorship Sell Model after massive bullish rally.

Wednesday, May 17, 2023

After many days of Consolidation price action, today price went straight up. I had already marked all the Buyside Liquidity targets. I had already marked the Daily Fair Value Gap (FVG) and the Daily Volume Imbalance as potential Buyside targets.

Price went up and completely filled in the Daily Fair Value Gap (FVG) and then broke down with a Market Structure Shift (MSS) with Displacement. So I started hunting short setups in the ICT 2022 Mentorship Model. I entered 1 contract short on ES inside a 1-minute FVG. Price broke below the FVG and I aggressively move my Stop Loss down to Break Even (B.E.) but quickly got stopped out. ES still stayed inside the 1-minute FVG and once I noticed Bearish SMT Divergence on the 1-minute with NQ inside the FVG, that was the final indicator for price was going to break down further, so I re-entered short.

ES broke down lower and each time it did I would move my Stop Loss down as well. I exited my trade under a swing low (that was created on the Bullish move up early in the day) when I had secured 10-pts. On this trade I passed the Apex Trader Funding 50K Evaluation Account!!

Only Trade Your Personal Trading Model

Last Thursday I got within $500 of passing the Apex Trader Funding 50K Evaluation Account. I have only been looking for 2022 Mentorship Model entries. But On Friday, and then Monday, and then finally Tuesday I saw no quality 2022 Models I wanted to trade. I was patient. So today when an A+ setup formed I was ultra confident in my analysis based upon reading price action. I was confident to re-enter a trade.

This confidence only comes from sticking to my model and being patient. In your trading find your personal trading model, look for it only, and only trade it. This has taken my trading to new levels!!

Apex Trader Funding Evaluation Passed

Apex Trader Funding Evaluation Passed

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