I Waited All Day For This

I stalked a 4-Hour 2022 Mentorship Model Setup.

Thursday, April 06, 2023

From the beginning of the NY Session I identified the MSS and potential 2022 Mentorship Sell Model on the 4-Hour Chart. I stalked the trade all day.

2023-04-06 ICT 2022 Mentorship Sell Model

Always be aware of Equilibrium

Price came up to the 4-Hour FVG and continued going to fill the 1-Hour FVG. So I waited for price to displace down and create a FVG. I entered on the 1-minute inside a FVG with 6 MNQ contracts. I took 1 partial profit after 20 points of profit and anticipated to scale out as price continued to go down…. But it didn’t. Price made a V-Shape up and I exited my remaining 5 contracts for small profit.

I Never Checked Equilibrium

What I didn’t understand at the moment was that price went below Equilibrium of the recent up move and that was enough and shot back up. I never even checked where Equilibrium was located at. I expected price to dump but honestly I think the reason it didn’t was because the setup was occurring so late in the day. Oh, well! I made money and learned a lot!

1 day at a time only trading my personal trading model!


Gotta Check Equilibrium

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