ICT Silver Bullet

Everyday 10am to 11am Model.

Thursday, March 30, 2023

We finally got the name of the 10am to 11am Model: ICT Silver Bullet Model.

See ICTs Livestream March 30, 2023 Live Tape Reading - AM Session Video timestamps: [49:24 - 1:08:00]

  • ICTs Silver Bullet Model (Morning Session)
    • Every day between 10am & 11am EST
    • Identify an obvious pool of liquidity that has not been tapped into or engaged
    • Wait for displacement towards liquidity pool between 10am & 11am
    • Find a FVG (FVG has to be opposite the targeted liquidity pool)
    • Wait for price to trade back into FVG and then reprice out of the FVG towards the targeted pool of liquidity
    • Then drop down to the 1-min, 30-sec, 15-sec chart and start looking for a second FVG
    • The next FVG you see on the 1-min, 30-sec, 15-sec chart (after price has traded back into the higher timeframe FVG) instantly enter the trade in the direction of the targeted liquidity pool
    • Trader needs to validate whether the range from their potential FVG entry and Liquidity Pool is greater than 5 handles
    • Take profit after 5 handles of profit (or liquidity pool reached)

30-second Chart

ICT Silver Bullet

ICT Silver Bullet

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