New ICT Term: Implied FVG

Use wicks to make a Fair Value Gap.

Tuesday, February 21, 2023

On the 2/21/2023 ICT Livestream he mentioned a brand new type of Fair Value Gap (FVG) called the Implied Fair Value Gap or Implied FVG.

Implied FVG Criteria:

  • Big range candle
  • Does NOT have a FVG
  • Candles on either side have long wicks that overlap

Implied FVG Steps:

  • Find Consequent Encroachment of left candles lower wick
  • Find Consequent Encroachment of right candles upper wick
  • Space between C.E. wicks is Implied FVG
  • Extend to the right

Here is another example:

Implied Fair Value GAP ICT New Term

Implied Fair Value Gap

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