Have You Heard of a Measuring Gap?

ICT says it is a FVG that should remain unfilled. But there is more!

Friday, February 17, 2023

After 1pm EST created a MSS and an ICT 2022 Mentorship Buy Model formed. I highlighted a 1-min Volumen Imbalance inside a 1-min ICT Bullish Orderblock for my entry. I did not hold very long but it was a great entry.

I am noticing Volume Imbalances more and more. But some Volume Imbalances get filled while others remain open. More learning to do!

Measuring Gap

ICT says a Measuring Gap is a FVG that forms half-way between Inception and Terminus of a move. And most notably, a Measuring Gap should remain unfilled or open. But Measuring Gaps are very beneficial because if you can identify a Measuring Gap in a move you can project where price is going to (i.e. Terminus).

Use the Fibonacci projection tool to mark from Inception to beginning of the Measuring Gap and a 1-standard deviation projection will be where the Impulse Price Swing ends. If you can identify a Measuring Gap this will give you extra confidence to hold for more profit targets.

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